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RIB (Rig In a Box) Operations

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The first Mega DXpedition utilizing the revolutionary RIB (Rig In a Box) system was VP6A, Ducie Island, in June 2023. The team has set up the station on Ducie, maintained the antennas, fueled the generators and operated from the yacht Magnet. In addition to three local operators AA7JV, KN4EEI, W6IZT a team of other licensed hams connected via the Starlink system for operating.

You will find many articles explaining the RIB (Rig In a Box) system on Google and also some videos on YouTube.

For the Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll we will list such RIB operations but we count only the local operators having taken part in Mega DXpeditions but not the remote operators. We list them separately in the operators list (local and remote) in the DXpedition details.

2 RIB (Rig In a Box) Mega DXpeditions
Callsign DXCC Entity Year Days OPs QSOs Uniques
E51D North Cook Islands 2023 17 3 56,970 13,670
VP6A Ducie Island 2023 16 21 61,816 14,974