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The German DX Foundation (GDXF), founded in 1996, was established to support HF DX activities - on all bands or modes - to rare countries all over the world. This support is realized by means of financial grants or by personal, instrumental or logistic aids.

We offer our members a wide variety of informations and services, for example the GDXF QSL Service.

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Annual General Meeting 2018 of the GDXF

The annual general meeting 2018 of the GDXF will be held at the Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen, on Saturday June 2, 2017. All members and friends of the GDXF were welcome and invited: invitation and agenda.

Team Photo 3C0W

3C0W Annobon 2018 Team Photo - left to right: YL1ZF, YL2GM, YL2KL

GDXF Trophy Best DXpedition of the year 2017

The Board of Directors of the GDXF has decided to award the best DXpedition of the year 2017 with a Trophy. Poll deadline will be on April 30, 2018.

Team Photo 3D2EU

3D2EU Rotuma 2018 Team Photo

Most Wanted DXCC Entities in Central Europe

The Most Wanted DXCC Entities List for Central Europe is updated with the results of the annual DARC DXCC scoreboard 2017. The most-wanted DXCC Entities from 2003 through 2017 are compiled in a timeline.

Team Photo XR0YD

XR0YD Easter Island 2018 Team Photo

DXPedition Reports

Please check out our DXPedition Reports page occasionally. New reports are continously added.

Team Photo VK9MA

VK9MA Mellish Reef 2017 Team Photo

Z6, Republic of Kosovo new DXCC Entity

The Republic of Kosovo (Z6) has been added to the DXCC List of current entities effective on January 21, 2018, increasing the total number of current DXCC entities to 340, after the ARRL Board of Directors had approved a motion to amend the DXCC Rules. More informationen can be found here.

H40GC/LZ1GC with GDXF flag

Stan, LZ1GC, operating as H40GC from Temotu in 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017 of the GDXF

The annual general meeting 2017 of the GDXF was held at the Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen, on Saturday July 15, 2017 (invitation and agenda). All members and friends of the GDXF were welcome and invited. The protocol of the meeting can be downloaded here (sorry, only available in German language).

GDXF Trophy Beste DXpedition 2016

Presentation of the GDXF Trophy Best DXpedition 2016

VP6EU team with GDXF flag

XX9D DXPedition Team Macao 2017

DL20GDXF - 20 years GDXF

Our special event station DL20GDXF has been activated between April 1 and June 30, 2016 to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the GDXF. Find more informationen here (in German).

VP6EU team with GDXF flag

VP6EU DXPedition Team Pitcairn 2017 (DJ9HX DL6JGN PA3EWP DK2AMM)

The Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll

A piece of history of DXing. Our GDXF member Jari, OH2BU, began in the 90's to keep a list of DXpeditions which had achieved more than 30,000 QSOs - the Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll. At that time there were some 40 DXpeditions in this list. Meanwhile there are more than 220 DXpeditions listed. Bernd, DF3CB, continued to maintain the Mega DXpeditions list in the past years and put it into a database. The Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll is now being hosted on the web site of the GDXF.

QSL Service  
Status QSL Service for Note from to Deadline
ongoing VK5CE/6   Rottnest Island (OC-164)   02.06.2018   02.06.2018   30.06.2018
ongoing VK5CE/6   East Lewis Island (OC-199)   04.06.2018   08.06.2018   30.06.2018
ongoing VK5CE/6   Direction Island (OC-140)   09.06.2018   11.06.2018   30.06.2018
ongoing VK5CE/6   Cheyne Island (OC-193)   15.06.2018   18.06.2018   30.06.2018
ongoing VK5CE/6   Woody Island (OC-170)   20.06.2018   23.06.2018   30.06.2018
planned KH1/KH7Z   Baker Island (OC-089)   27.06.2018   06.07.2018   13.07.2018
planned VK5CE/6   St Peter Island (OC-220)   27.06.2018   29.06.2018   03.07.2018
planned VP6D   Ducie Island (OC-182)   19.10.2018   03.11.2018   10.11.2018
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