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GDXF QSL Service

GDXF QSL Service


You can submit your QSO data here for DXpeditions with whom the GDXF has agreed upon a QSL Service. The GDXF QSL Service is available only for GDXF members. Your current GDXF QSL Service Account Balance can alway be queried here.

For security and privacy reasons you need to enter a valid PIN in this online form. This PIN is assigned once and can be used for any further Online QSL Service request. Abuse of the Online QSL Service is protocolled.

When using the online form for the first time, please check the PIN checkbox below. The PIN is then sent automatically and immediately to your e-mail address if it is registered in our members database. After receiving your mail with the PIN please enter it here.

Questions and support

  • Responsible for the QSL Service is Henning, DL6DH:
  • Should we have no or an obsolete e-mail address of you, please send an e-mail to our members accountant Bodo DF8DX/HB9EHJ:
  • For all technical questions please contact Bernd, DF3CB:

Planned QSL Services

Status QSL Service for Note from to Deadline
planned XX9D Macau 11.02.2019 26.02.2019 02.03.2019
planned T31EU Kanton Island, Central Kiribati (OC-043) 16.02.2019 05.03.2019 10.03.2019
planned E6ET Niue Island (OC-040) 19.03.2019 02.04.2019 09.04.2019

There is currently no active QSL Service.

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