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Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll

Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll

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Jari Jussila, OH2BU, had kept and maintained records of DXpeditions making at least 30,000 QSOs and published his list, then containing some 40 DXpeditions, in the late 1990s. Requests to provide additional or corrected information helped to refine the list, which evolved into the Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll. The Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll was put into a database, further maintained by Bernd, DF3CB, in the past years and is now hosted on the website of the German DX Foundation (GDXF).

The regularly updated Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll on these pages now contain much more information than just the call sign and total number of QSOs. We show statistics on various categories, top lists etc. - each providing a link to details of the DXpedition, the list of operators and the QSL card image.

If you have any comments or corrections and additions to the list, please e-mail Jari at: and Bernd at: . We need some particular information, please check our Needed page.

Charts and World Records

The complete list of DXpeditions is shown in the Honor Roll - sorted by the number of achieved QSOs - and by year of activity, by Prefix, by DXCC Entities or by Continent - and we have a list of Single-Operator DXpeditions with more than 30,000 QSOs. The World Records page shows the leading DXpeditions in the categories of the highest number of total QSOs, QSOs per mode and band and per continent.

The Top Twenty DXpeditions having achieved the highest number of QSOs on each of the bands 160m through 6m are shown on the Bands page and the highest number on each CW, Phone and Digital on the Modes page followed by Top DXpeditions on each of the six Continents. The band and mode charts are based on the band/mode breakdowns of a DXpedition (as long as we have them available).

Finally, we have a list of the most active Operators having taken part in DXpeditions with over 30,000 QSOs.

New: Mega DXpedition QSL Gallery
New: Operators vs. country of origin
New: Mega DXpedition QSO totals grouped by DXCC Entites

May 2017: We are now collecting the times of the first QSO and the last QSO of Mega DXpeditions in order to provide more accurate results for the QSO per Day Records

  • There are currently 285 DXpeditions with more than 30,000 QSOs in the Honor Roll from 155 different DXCC Entities and 31 of the 40 CQ Zones.
  • The latest ten Mega DXpeditions added to the Honor Roll are: ZC4A E31A (2018) TO2SP J5T VP2MDL 9U4M VK9MA 3C0L 3C1L 5T5OK.
  • All these DXpeditions made a total of 16.3 million QSOs.
  • 52.8 % of the QSOs were made in CW, 39.9 % in Phone and 7.3 % Digital (RTTY).
  • Most of the Mega DXpeditions took place in Africa (91) and the Pacific (78).
  • The average DXpedition length of operation is 13 days, the average number of operators is 11.
  • Altogether 3198 but 1578 individual operators were participants in these DXpeditions.
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